Under the guidance of Pt. P K Shastri ji a noble and benevolent venture started

A mission to form one single consortium for an individual's Astrological, Meditational and Healthy well-being.


Anusthan and Pooja means respectfully, submissively appease the God. This super power or energy is present and activated and change the events positively, will help them to build their own bright future.

The Acharya would chant the specific mantras in a particular sequence and manner. The objective is to exhort a particular deity to overcome our misfortunes and to help us achieve good luck. The chanting of mantras is said to help establish a communication link and appease Gods. So our wishes can be granted. Pooja and Anusthan given always benefit to us if we faith the God.

If you required any Pooja - Anusthan. we need your photographs, Gotra, name and father's name. We will pray to the God for you. Our responsible person will complete that and sending you to Ashirwad of God's "Ashisha". The effects slowly but surly start coming. Result is 100% you will get it.

Kaal - surp Jup, Pooja, Anusthan

Rahu Jup, Pooja Anusthaan

Shani Jup Pooja Anusthan

Mul Shanti Jup Pooja Anusthan

Nav Grah Jup, Pooja Anusthan

Laxmi Jup Pooja Anusthan

And many more...

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