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Rudraksha means "Eyes of Shiva" and is powered with mystical, spiritual and medicinal powers that enhance the well being of the wearer, Shiva Mahapurana describe Rudrksha origin as Lord Shiva's tear. The beads impart astrological benefits and it is believed that the wearer of Rudraksha is always untouched by sins, impious thoughts and deeds. The powers of Rudraksha are associated with the number of mukhi or faces the beads have. The Rudraksha beads can have a number of faces ranging from 1-38. But the most common one from 1 to 15 mukhi we are provide Rudraksha, some sample of Rudraksha and Rudraksha mala which available as are follows.

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The Nine Astrological Gem are a uniquely powerful way


It is powered with mystical, spiritual and medicinal powers


Parad benefits have be proved beneficial from astrological


It is a uniquely powerful way to the unpleasant effects of past and present