Under the guidance of Pt. P K Shastri ji a noble and benevolent venture started

A mission to form one single consortium for an individual's Astrological, Meditational and Healthy well-being.

A Yantra is an instrument or a talisman or a mystical diagram usually in silver or copper. It is technique or path, simple and shortest, which one can attain one's desires and fulfill ones wishes. The God reside in the yantra.

Yantra is a medium that connects one to higher power and energies. This is a medium about achieving harmony with the cosmos. Yantra offers miracles through one's life and can change your future if worshipped correctly then increase the flow of positive influence.

We provide Sidhha/ result oriented (Pranpritistith), Yantra for you, sample yantra are given below :

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Astrological Products


The Nine Astrological Gem are a uniquely powerful way


It is powered with mystical, spiritual and medicinal powers


Parad benefits have be proved beneficial from astrological


It is a uniquely powerful way to the unpleasant effects of past and present